bad timing and interesting finds.

Just a couple of quick things on this early Thursday morning.

1. Yesterday during dinner we put Theo in the swing, unbuckled and in front of us, because he generally sits nicely while we eat. However, last night was the end of that, as I noticed him wriggling with all he had to try and escape.

Onto the ceramic tiles.

Harnessed for life, buddy, the time has come.

2. Three nights in a row is the level of success we’re having in the crib. The best part of this (oh, besides the fact that I’m sleeping so much I almost feel like a normal human?) is that Theo wakes himself up cackling every morning.


3. This morning, right before heading out to work, JW was holding Boo, and he threw up, directly into Jon’s shirt pocket.

After cleaning himself off, JW also found a cheerio in said pocket.

Can’t blame that on baby, you guys.

photo (4)

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it this morning: we’re headed straight for the weekend.


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One response to “bad timing and interesting finds.

  1. You will never again, for the rest of your life, be truly relaxed.

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