staying as long as you’d like.

Chickens, it’s Friday.

Which means two days of visiting pals, doing some shopping, and hanging out with Boo.

What’s better than that?

Also pretty awesome: I have managed to get myself into a pair of jeans that I have not even thought about pulling on since I got pregnant.

It’s the small victories, chicks.

Last night, we took a long, looping walk around the park, lulling T to sleep and watching tiny little kids struggling under giant bat bags.

We also ran into Tobin (and his family, lest you think my godson wanders the neighborhood on my own) and let him basically climb into Theo’s stroller to get another peek.

Despite spending eight hours a day together, apparently, this does not get old to Tobin, which I obviously love.

We were getting ready to take off when my favorite two-year old looked at me and said, “No, don’t go yet!”

I complied, and melted into a puddle until he proclaimed ten minutes later, “You can go now!”

If you don’t have access to the hilarity of a toddler, you should remedy that immediately.

And with that, I’m off to get to this one. Crossing my fingers it’s short and sweet and leads to a beautiful weekend!



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