every kind of celebration

Morning chickens!

We’re running around crazy during this one, gulping coffee and swinging Boo into the shower in an attempt to get out on time, but let me pause for one moment, because today is an important day.

It’s my baby sister’s birthday!


My little sister is dark haired and dark eyed, opposite me, but just like me, also.

She’s never let me down, even when I’ve bossed her right into a corner.

She taught me about yoga, even though I thought it was dumb (it is obviously not dumb), she helps me with everything I’m not good at and she is (a lot of things, chickens), and she’s my bff even though she lives in California.

My favorite thing to say about Jennie is that I don’t remember a time before her, and it’s true. One, I was little, so that makes sense. However, I pretty much choose to believe that I’ve blocked it out because I have no interest in a Jennie-less world.

So today, let’s celebrate a little sister who has taught me more things than I can count, and made me laugh so hard I’ve cried.

The other day she posted a video of a cooked lobster named Marvin pretending to plead for its life on Facebook, and I cackled so hard I was in stitches.

It seemed like something you would do, she said.

Even at 28, I love it best when she still wants to be like me (although I don’t always understand why)

Happy Birthday Sorella, I love you!


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