no more monkeys sleeping in the bed

Morning, chickens!

Theo’s been on a bit of a sleep strike (coupled with a but Mom and Dad, don’t you think it makes more sense if I sleep in your bed with you? week) this week, making it hard for JW and I to do, really, anything, without appearing to be zombies, so I decided that writing in the morning after a rough night might make me look like I had lost it.

I have not lost it.


On the flip side, I managed to catch a few winks last night, and honestly, that makes all the difference.

I’m nearly a functioning adult.

By the way- the sleep strike doesn’t seem to be bothering T one bit.

{imagine a photo of Theo cackling into a whale rattle in his crib while I write. For some reason, WordPress keeps giving me an image upload error this morning}


All of this aside, it’s almost the weekend, which means birthday celebrations, yoga, farm markets, and Father’s Day, and, according to the forecast, abundant sunshine.

What’s better than abundant sunshine and a Saturday, chickadees?

And with that, I’m out for the morning dash (nursing, coffee, snuggles, driving, drop-off, parking, walking, riding, coffee) and crossing my fingers that the rain is over for awhile.

Enjoy this one, chickens- we’ve almost hit the weekend!




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