grateful in the feelings jar


It’s Friday! How awesome!

Caffeine- it keeps me moving.

Since on the weekends, I generally don’t post (because I’m too busy hanging out with Boo), I wanted to make sure that I took a minute to do a little bit of a Father’s Day shout out.

First, my dad. He’s silly and makes great cosmos, and he always shows up, even when he’s busy.

Plus, he’s the only person in my family who will watch sports with me.



Also, JW- man, this guy turned out to be a good dad (like I had a doubt). He’s a get up in the middle of the night/carry everything to the car/singing songs/calling our baby Mr. Wigglesworth/rocking Theo to sleep kind of Dad, and Boo and I are both extremely lucky that he’s in our family.



Also, not to be forgotten on this Father’s Day: my awesome Poppy, who looks not a day over 60, works out more than I do, and keeps me updated on the Cubs so I never fall behind. I’m one lucky girl to be surrounded by all the best Dads.


Happy Father’s Day to all my favorite people this weekend- enjoy it, you deserve it!


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