a good looking place.

Morning, chickadees!

We hit Monday so fast that the weekend feels a little bit like a blur, but I’m left with the general feeling that it was very good.

It was full of yoga and errands and hanging out on a boat.

The city’s a good looking place, chicks.


It still takes my breath away, after a decade. Hanging on a boat to celebrate CJ’s bday was a great opening event to another summer in Chicago.

Also this weekend: lots of time outside with my favorite Boo, in which I attempted to teach him the art of the selfie. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I haven’t quite decided yet), it turns out that Theo is simply not into this particular art form of self reflection.


I can’t say I blame him.

This week is another full one: hot, stormy weather is in the forecast, and my team returns from Las Vegas with plenty of stories about our conference.

I’ve also managed to nab six books from the library (another example of my tendency to over-use my hold privileges), which means I’ve got a lot to look forward to during the train ride.

Reviews to follow, of course.

But first, T and I have a commute to confront. Enjoy this one, chickadees!


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