taking the first one

Morning, chickens!

It’s a dreary morning out there, but we made it past Monday, so that’s something.


Last night I sped home as fast as I could to catch the second half of the US-Ghana soccer game, receiving frequent updates from my fellow soccer fan LB.

We bonded over the Women’s World Cup finals in 1999 and played four years of high school soccer together. Her expletive-ridden play by play of the US team’s inability to complete passes was almost as good as the real thing.

When I got home, the texts continued, until I realized that my live stream was off, and she scooped me on the Ghana goal before I saw it happen.

That or she has become a future-telling gypsy.

You never know.

In any case, we were both overjoyed when the US answered with goal 2, (you know who was not overjoyed? Theo. It turns out he retains no memory of being in utero during football season because screaming “GOALLLLLL!!!” at the top of my lungs seemed to frighten him), and I’m happy we’re starting our Cup with a win.

I love an underdog, chickadees, and this is one of the only times the US qualifies.

Happy soccer watching, everyone. Stay dry out there!


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