sleep training: take 1

Morning, chickadees!

And sorry for the delay, but it turns out, the four month old is the boss, and the boss requires a lot of attention in the short term.

I’m hoping for some long term payouts.

Last night, on the eve of Theo’s four month old birthday, we decided to try one night of the cry-it-out method, because the little guy insists on being rocked to sleep.

Which is adorable.

But when I picture him at age 20 still needing to be rocked to sleep, I see the advantage to sleep training.

For those of you still living in the normal world of sleeping through the night with no tiny, hungry beings to wake you, here’s the gist:

You read some books, you cuddle, you say goodnight, put your your baby in his crib, and slowly walk out.

If your kid is like my kid, he immediately starts crying.

You wait three minutes, and then go shush him (don’t call it that, JW said. I’m comforting him). You say goodnight again, and try for five minutes.

More screaming.

More comfort-shushing.

10 minutes (by this point, you are pretty much convinced you are the worst), more saying goodnight, rinse and repeat.

After about 30 minutes, T exhausted himself enough to fall asleep.

JW was traumatized by the fact that the comforting was to be a no-picking-up brand of saying goodnight, but we worked through that.

Until a couple hours later, when T managed to wake himself up and JW came out of the room with a sleeping Boo in his arms.

It’s because we have neighbors, he said pointedly at me.

It’s because Daddy is a sucker, you guys.

I’m not sure you could help it either though, if you consider the following fact about Theo:


Tonight’s another try, chickens!



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2 responses to “sleep training: take 1

  1. I could see Dan being the exact same way. Everyone thinks he’s going to be the “tough” parent, but as soon as this little girl gets here, I have a feeling he’s going to the one that gives in to everything. Can’t fault JW for being a sucker, though. I mean, look at that cute little face! 🙂

  2. I know- I felt like a tough mean Mom, but it looks like I’m going to be “bad cop” with this little guy. Dan stands no chance, I feel like a girl would be even worse!

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