a walk on the ocean

What a crazy week this is shaping up to be, chickens.

Before I get swallowed up by it, I thought I’d make you privy to a few things going on around here:

1. My sister, her pals, and various family members are rolling into town for Theo’s christening this weekend. We’re also hosting a shower for my baby sis, and doing a bachelorette party in her honor.

Pray for me, chickadees. I’m mostly excited to have four days off in a row filled with family and visitors, but I’m also concerned I’ll be running on empty by the time we get to Boo’s festivities.

I cannot be hungover in pictures of my baby’s christening.

That’s my mantra.

2. Last night, JC, Ky and I headed to Ravinia to see Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows, r as I like to call it, a 90s delight. Generally, we have a lovely spread of food and cocktails, but the three of us headed in from separate directions, which meant the following things happened: I missed a train and brought warm, 7-11 wine, JC had to park at the botanical gardens and came bearing baguettes, and Ky staked out a spot and hung by herself for over an hour.

We toasted to the miraculous fact that we all managed to get there before the concert started, and then put fruit in my 7-11 wine to make it slightly more acceptable.

I couldn’t ask for better friends.

3.  Because I was headed to Ravinia last night, I was schlepping around a different pump that had a battery pack (yes, I sometimes have to pump in bathroom stalls, it’s just my new glamorous life) and I had a malfunction of some kind early in the day.

I have no further details on how it happened, but basically, I’ve injured my shoulder in an attempt to produce food for my son.

I’m not sure if this is hysterical or horrifying.

It probably depends on who you’re talking to.

And with that, I’m off to finish this day of working-from-home and get on the road to hang with some clients in Rosemont tonight, because this week just won’t quite.

Enjoy the sunshine, chicks!


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