keeping us guessing

Good morning everyone!

It’s only 7:40, but JW and I have already been up for over two hours on our shared day off, since Boo has decided that he’s into rising early.

I can’t blame him, there’s a lot to do.

JW asked if we should watch Divergent this morning, but I proclaimed that coffee and a movie was something I wasn’t quite into, as of yet.


So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (because I am generally sleep deprived), but one of the hand-me-down items we received from sweet baby (NOT A BABY, he is ONE!) Sam was a bouncer, which we’ve been strapping T into since he was born when we need a couple minutes with both hands.

He’s really into it right now because he’s big enough to make it bounce pretty intensely.


Here he is, bouncing away, with a mustache.

As you do.

Anyway, while we pretty much love the bouncer, it’s also become a source of both cursing and laughing for the last five months.

We’re tired and we’re cracked up.

We keep running into the damn thing, tripping over it, and knocking into it.

It could be nowhere near me, and yet, I will somehow find a way to fall across it.

Sometimes with T in my arms.

Thankfully, generally solo.

Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night to feed Boo, looked at it, acknowledged its presence, and immediately stubbed my toe on it so hard I thought I might have broken it.

We move it around the condo, attempting to get it out of the way, and then breaking into hysterics when inevitably, someone (usually JW) manages to go flying after smacking into it not two minutes later.

I will not be sad when he’s too big to fit into that thing and it has to go in a closet.

Where I will likely trip over it.

Yesterday, I relayed to JW that while Theo is still rather small, he finally fits in his exersaucer.

photo (37)

His feet dangle out the bottom, but that is of no matter.

JW admitted that T is adorable in this new toy, and then observed “Well, it’s another thing to run into.”

Best to have a variety of joys in your lives, chickadees.

Enjoy this one! 


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