spark of madness

Chickens, I have been remiss.

Work is crazy, having a baby is crazy, trying to wring out every little ounce of summer sunshine is crazy.

It’s all beautiful.

I’m writing today, because last night JW told me that Robin Williams died, and I know I’m not the only one who feels so sad about this.

I am a silly person.

I consider it a gift though, even when it gets me in trouble or I say the wrong thing, or drive someone nuts.

I’ve never really been embarrassed by the lengths I will go to so someone will laugh.

So I will laugh.

Robin Williams was a silly person. He told jokes, he made faces, he did voices.

He made people laugh.

His silliness always made me feel like maybe it was okay for me to follow suit.

My favorite movie (I’m not ashamed to say) is Mrs. Doubtfire.

It always has been. Something about the ridiculousness of a hairy little man dressed as an old lady for the sake of his kids touched me and cracked me up at the same time.

Robin Williams got that you could be silly with a serious message.

Or just silly, because guys, it’s a short life and we all need to laugh.

The world this morning is a little more serious, and we’re all a little bit worse off for it.

Last night I watched Good Will Hunting because I wasn’t ready to watch something that made me laugh too hard.

But today’s a new day, and we could all use a belly laugh.

Let’s work on that one together, chickadees.



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  1. Chris

    Well said…..

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