Passe Habits and Doing Better

Morning, chickadees.

And yes, I know it’s been an extended absence over here in Second City lands.

My apologies, but only sort of.

It turns out that despite my very best intentions, it’s harder than I imagined to keep with all of your favorite things when a beautiful, squirrely little boy becomes a very important third of your family.

I get the sense that he feels blogging is passe. He’s more into my Theo-themed Instagram stream.

However, in my sometimes-off-track-but-always-well-intentioned quest to do better, I’d like to share a couple of things I’ve missed discussing due to my inability to craft a timely post.

  1. Boo is no longer immobile. Which is amazing and all kinds of fun when it comes to playing, but not so much fun when it comes to things like, where do I leave him while I blow dry my hair? and why has it gone so quiet all of a sudden, oh there he is in a planter. It’s all part of the adventure, is what I keep telling myself.
  2. Aside from skipping out on blog posting, I’ve also been remiss in getting to yoga class lately. These two things combined, in addition to a particularly challenging month at work have meant that I’m walking around in one big, frenzied ball of pent up energy and (sometimes) aggression. This is an ailment that can only be solved with deep breaths and forward folds, and I have plans to get back with it.
  3. Despite the fact that I’ve been skipping the zen business, I did recently decide that it was time to get back into running. I took myself to the park by our condo, threw on some Pandora, and got after it, albeit only for two minutes at a time. My legs are still sore three days later, but you guys, you have to start somewhere. I know I’m old, out of practice, and arthritic, but I can’t help thinking I’ve still got something left in the tank here, even if it’s not half marathons or triathlons.
  4. My baby sister is getting married this month, which is super exciting and will be the perfect and most fun ending to another long September. This is also means our first little family trip in an airplane. I’ve secured Boo his own seat, and both JW and my brother are in tow, which means lots of helping hands and potential for sitcom-like antics. I’ll likely be the one chomping down anti-anxiety meds in the corner while the three amigos enjoy themselves.
  5. Speaking of flying, since we last spoke, I have returned to the world of work travel. This means that because I’m still nursing, I’ve learned to do things like scout out family bathrooms, lug around battery chargers and ice packs, and sit cross-legged on airport floors with no shirt on, all in the name of nourishing my shrimpy infant. So far I haven’t been stopped by the TSA to explain my bags of milk, but just you wait, it will happen, and I am sure I will inadvertently make it as awkward as possible (for instance: I get the urge to bust through security declaring “Human milk! Human milk coming through!” I know there’s something wrong with me, I’m very self -aware, if nothing else).

And with that, I’m off to spend a day working from the homestead. Enjoy this one chickens, and look for me to make more appearances. I’ve missed our chats.



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2 responses to “Passe Habits and Doing Better

  1. Chris Phelan

    Glad you’re back! I love hearing of Theo’s updates.

  2. karla k.

    I’ve traveled many a times on airplanes with the kids…call me to discuss (or at least tell you that you’ll survive!)

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