there’s a song that will linger

Oh man, you guys, this has been one for the books.

It’s been a week that just.won’t.quit from long days of being over scheduled, shivering in cold weather, and dealing with a Boo who spent last night cuddled up between his parents instead of in his bed where he is meant to spend his sleeping hours.

It’s been long commutes and frustrating meetings and zero exercising and the beginning of a cold and a hole in my favorite pants.

But chickens, we’re not here to talk about that.

And thank God, because really, enough already.

Last night, I was in a seat on the bus (something to be thankful for, definitely), and I was listening to a James Taylor song (standard, as we know), and I was suddenly trying to remember the song my mom and aunt sang at my Uncle Tom’s funeral, and I couldn’t remember it.

This seemed strange, since I listen to it fairly often, and it reminds me so much of the day we said goodbye (but not really, it’s never really goodbye) to my uncle, so I panicked, and I racked my mind, and finally, finally, after several bus stops and many thoughts that I had, indeed, lost it this time, I remembered it.

And then I listened to it, and immediately started crying, because that’s the kind of week it is (but again, enough about that), and I realized only then that it had been very nearly three years since my sweet, smiling, awesome uncle left us.

Every year around this time, I write about how sad I was when my uncle died, and how happy I am that I had the privilege of being his niece, and none of that has changed one bit, no matter how many years stand between now and the moment it happened. I think of him every time I’m wrapped up in things that aren’t really important and snap right out of it (and there are so many of them), and now I think of him almost every time I look at Boo, because I named him Theo Thomas after one of the best men I’ve ever known, and because I know with certainty that even though they won’t meet, they are certainly connected.

And that, chickens, is a good place to come to rest on the heels of this week.

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