barreling through it

Morning, chickadees.

And again, my apologies for falling behind.

We now have a very mobile 9-month old, and his favorite things to do, aside from teething, is get into shit he shouldn’t and put all items in the world into his mouth.

In the words of T Swift, he’s a nightmare dressed as a daydream.

I kid.

Sort of.

In any case, we’re just coming off from a long weekend of family visiting, large meals, and the stomach flu getting at almost everyone in my family.

In this episode of illness, I threw up all over my floor, because I couldn’t toss Theo onto the couch fast enough to get to the bathroom, and then, in a spin that I feel really cemented me into parenthood, he rolled off said furniture and onto the floor as I continued to throw up on my living room floor.

<Pause to remove my child from the electrical outlet>

And now I’m ready to barrel through a couple more weeks of work, one more trip to California, and the prayer I live on that Boo’s four front teeth arrive soon before celebrating the holidays.

<Pause to remove my child from the cord to the humidifier on the other end of the room>

And this, chickens, sums up what’s shaking around here right now. More to come as I continue my plan to fake it until I make it, and as we celebrate this holiday season.

<Pause to comfort Boo, as he has smacked his head trying to crawl under his dresser>

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chicks!


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