what it says.

I was planning, this morning, to write something funny from my collection of hilarity around the things that my husband says on a daily basis, but then other things caught my attention.

JW will always be funny, so that will keep.

Yesterday, the man who choked Eric Garner to death wasn’t indicted.

Now, when recently the man who killed Michael Brown wasn’t indicted and I was heartbroken, I took to the Internet, where I was made to believe that my feelings came down on the side of liberalism. That how I felt said something about my position. On guns, on race, on police officers.

And maybe it does.

But mostly, when you think about the fact that some kid’s family (yes, 18 is a kid. Sometimes 30 is a kid if you ask me) got a call, saying your son is dead, and he’s been shot 12 times and he’s been laying in the street for hours and he had his hands up and he robbed a store and maybe he’s a thug (I hate when people call him a thug) and a cop killed him, none of this matters at all except the part when someone tells you that your son is dead.

And so no matter what your position is, you would think universally we could all get down to that level and be a little heartbroken.

For everyone involved. Including, I think, the officer, because let’s face it, those 12 shots ended his life as he knew it too.

I don’t think my initial reaction to the fact that we don’t dig deeper into this case because someone’s son is dead says anything about my politics.

But that’s what the Internet told me.

When the news came out yesterday about Eric Garner, the Internet was less clear on how I felt in relation to what it said about me, and I was at least relieved about that because I feel heartbroken again, and I don’t want it twisted up in anything except that.

Heartbroken is enough, chickadees.

But broken hearts need to turn into investigations and truth-seeking and nods of this is not okay and action to work in a direction to make sure it doesn’t keep happening. That more people’s parents don’t get calls that could be avoided.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

I believe that one, chickens.

That’s my position.


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  1. Chris Phelan

    You got it right Nikki….. Well said.
    xoxo. C.

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