off the blocks I go.

Ok guys.

So let’s talk about something besides the baby for a second.

Even though he’s pretty much the best.

On Friday, I decided to start running again.

You may recall, if you’ve been hanging around this blog or me in real life for awhile, that I used to be a pretty serious runner.

And then I had an RA diagnosis and a medication allergy, and I became frustrated and unpleasant and pretty much quit.

And then I found yoga and got pregnant and kind of left the running in the dust.

And then I had to nurse Theo every five seconds so he didn’t lose his shit, so that burned up another nine months.

So here I am.

Running again.

Well, run/walking, anyway.

I went during lunch (which deserves an entire post to itself, as I almost slipped and killed myself after showering, and also, I’m pretty sure my face is still red), and I started without a plan (this could be the first sentence of almost everything I do), and it took me 38:17 to run a 5k.

If I was to consult my racing spreadsheet (yes guys, I have a spreadsheet for everything), that would be an outlier in the wrong direction, but you know what chickadees, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

I can only go up.

Someone teach me how to get rid of that red face before my next meeting.


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