cool your jets.

So my friend CJ and I have worked together for like eight years.

Almost eight years.

This spans the length of time I spent at college, times two.

I find this to be an incredible amount of time to spend working in one space, with one person, but I consider that I landed with this particular lady to be one of my greatest strokes of luck.

CJ’s basically my favorite thing about work, because I always have someone to talk to, eat lunch with, or laugh beside until hot chocolate comes out of my nose.

Which is something that actually happened last week.

Work ebbs and flows, like every other thing in this life, and during a little bit of a gray moment a few weeks ago, CJ texted me about this blog, My Husband’s Tumor. CJ actually knows this woman somehow, but I cannot remember how, because I am not the best listener.

Just trying to be real.

In any case, I took a look at it the next day, and spent my lunch hour reading and crying and thinking about all the silly times that I am negative for no good reason, except that if feels good for one second and then feels terrible for all the minutes after that.

I have so much to be happy about, chickadees.

I also sent this excerpt to my poor friends, who probably think I’ve gone off the deep end, and maybe I have, but I just feel like I should share it with more people.

Our problems are not bigger or more important than someone else’s problems, they’re just our problems. You are carrying a weight that nobody else can see, and so is everyone else. 

We know that small acts of kindness reverberate into viral Facebook posts and broadcast news coverage, but we fail to see the damage done by our small acts of negativity. It spreads just as virally, a chain reaction of terrible.

What I’m trying to say, and again, this is coming from a person who has yelled at people for smoking in the parking ramp at the hospital next to a no-smoking sign as patients leave in wheelchairs, not an enlightened spiritual leader, is calm the heck down.

Take a breather. Consider each other. Consider your situation from more than one angle. Remember that our time on Earth is a tiny little blip in the history of time and that unless you are actually curing cancer or establishing world peace, your work should not be stressing you out.

Think things over. Remember that there are people in this world who are dying of thirst, right as you are about to lose your shit because there is someone who is driving on the same road as you, but slower than you’d like them to. Think it over again. 

Remember that at one point in time, I used to call my police precinct because there were literally teenagers on my lawn.

Cool your jets.

You’re happier already, aren’t you?

You guys, I’m focused on the positive this week. Keep it easy, chickadees.


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