five good things: homeward bound edition

Chickadees, we’ve almost hit the end of the week. I’m currently (hopefully, fingers crossed) on a flight in the direction of Chicago, with one more big meeting to take me into Sunday, but I’ve got lots of positive things to say about all of this, so let’s stick with a rose-colored lense. And with that, five good things, because I haven’t done it in awhile.

1. This is the child who I am cruising through the air to this morning. I need not say one more thing about why that’s good.

photo (4)


2. While I had to fly five hours across the country on Tuesday, I got to spend it with people who I liked in a place where I didn’t have to wear a coat. In December. Ditto on my Saturday in the office this week- long days, good company. You guys, work should be fun. We have to do it anyway, right?

3. My baby sister got married in September. If you want to check out some of the gorgeous pictures from that amazing day, click here. Also, please only focus on my sister and pay no mind to me, since I’m mostly making this face:


It was one of my favorite days ever, I promise. I just can’t be trusted to be appropriate in any situation.

4. It’s Thursday, which means I get to wake up to a new episode of Serial. Last weekend I was making dinner with Ky and Jen and after too many bottles of wine while massaging kale (it’s a thing, you guys), I randomly shouted, “BUT WHAT ABOUT ASIA MCCLAIN?!” because I cannot stop thinking about this. Because justice, chickadees.

5. It is 100%, without a doubt, Christmas time in the city. And amen to that, because we can all use a little comfort and joy.

And holiday beverages, too.

Keep it easy, chickens.


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