the start of the end

Morning, chickadees!

Luckily, I made it through the storm in San Francisco (and by storm, I mean it was raining in California and in Chicago I would have just grabbed an umbrella) and back to my cold hometown and my little family, for at least one night.

Which is good, because it’s back to the races again, with a meeting that’s spilling into this weekend, in addition to several pleasant, holiday activities that have nothing to do with conferences.

What a relief.

When I was rushing around this morning, trying to pull clothes from my unpacked suitcase that might also be useful for work, I turned to JW and said remember when I used to get my nails done before meetings?

He nodded.

Now I’m lucky if I get myself into clean clothes.

I’m hoping no one notices too much.

And I’m glad I don’t care much if they do.

I did, however, pause to attempt to use Ky’s borrowed straightner, although I confess, I’m pretty sure I just burned my hair into a straighter line.

That’s life, chickens.

I’m good with it.

And with that, enjoy the two week stretch that’s just ahead. We could certainly all use it.


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