Speeding up to take a pause

Morning, chickadees! I just had the longest, shortest, most fun, most exhausting two day end to my week. I covered meetings, parties, organizing, and some fun out of town visitors before settling in with a stack of Christmas cards and a quiet night on my couch.

I think I did more this weekend than I did all last winter.

Except for the part where I grew a human, of course.

I’m feeling laughed out, loved out, and so, so grateful for the 350 or so days behind me.

Anyway, as I head into my final week of work in 2014, I’m feeling accomplished and ready for a long break, complete with my baby sister and her husband heading my way in less than a week.

I’m also pumping the brakes this morning for a minute of reflection. My (not so) tiny baby’s namesake would have celebrated a birthday today and I’m thinking about all the reasons he was (is) the best this morning. Best smile, best attitude, best beard. Boo’s got a lot to live up to, chickens, but it’s an accomplishment worth shooting for.

Keep it easy, chicks, and enjoy the beginning of this week.


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