giving it up and getting to the bottom of it.

Time for a not-so-secret confession:

I, the most serious of sports fans, could not watch the Bears game last night.

I just couldn’t do it, and after waking up to this morning’s result, I stand by my decision 100%.

Instead, I decided to concentrate on my newfound love of The Good Wife, and yes, I know I’m five years late to the game.

I also admit that my original intent was to finally, finally, finally start watching The Wire, which I am the last human to get into, but I watched half an episode, had a hard time concentrating, and shopped around for something else instead.

The moral of the story: I need to pay my library fine so I can start reading again and stop being so obsessed with television.

It’s unhealthy.

Thank God I don’t have TLC anymore.

Up the rest of this week: four.more.days until a nice, long holiday break with my family. I wish I could say I thought it would clip by pretty quickly, but I have a feeling this one might drag on for awhile.

And with that, I’m off to scoop Boo up from underneath my desk, where he has managed to wedge himself between the wall and a box of diapers.

Never a dull moment, chickens.

Keep it easy.

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