the more things change

Last night I was at our company holiday party.

I’ve been hitting these parties since I was at the tender age of 22, so they always make me a bit nostalgic for all the years I had a few too many cocktails, hustled to the the after party, and dragged myself into my cube the next day with an Egg McMuffin in hand and some kind of office gossip to share.

Yes, I always made it to work the next day, because I’m a sucker.


Here’s one of the eight million aforementioned parties. They all blend together, but I’m fairly certain I’m like 24 there and about to have three-too-many beers.

Last night, post party, I grabbed a couple cocktails with my pals, put myself into a cab, and was home before 10pm.

Which I was excited about. You can’t really beat an early bedtime around here, at the moment (and the moment is a grumpy, a-bunch-of-my-teeth-are-coming-in moment).

I was asleep before CJ and I could even finish a text conversation about the passage of time.

Because I’m old.

I had clementines for breakfast. Unfortunately, I have no good excuse to cruise through a McDonald’s this morning.

I’ll be at work on time, because I’m still a sucker.

Some things don’t change, no matter how long you’re at it.

Keep it easy on this one, chickadees. I’m headed into my last day of work in 2014, and that is worth being on time for.

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