you and i, we’re the same.

Morning, chickens.

And a very merry almost-Christmas to all of you.

I have so many lovely, holiday-lit things to share with you, but first, I feel as though it’s important to address yet another heart wrenching moment in time we witnessed this weekend.

Initially, I thought to myself: don’t be a downer, but then, I thought about someone who reminded me that maybe these two people might not get the attention they deserved, and so I felt like it was important for me to carve out some space in my corner over here.

Listen, chickadees. I don’t believe that tragedy is mutually exclusive. I don’t believe that in order to respect these police officers and their families, who will not have them home at this holiday or any other because of senseless, misdirected violence, I have to sacrifice anything else I see as a tragedy.

I don’t think wanting all police officers to be as good as I believe these two officers were is hypocritical when stacked against the fact that I’m outraged a person thought he could end their lives as some kind of retribution.

Yes, this killing is tangled with politics and dissension and angry people (such angry people, you guys), but you don’t have to choose one. You can choose to be upset, sad, and outraged by things that are connected. Things that may seem on the surface to be in opposition, even.

It’s human nature.

I don’t think we should apologize for being human, chicks.

Let’s not lose sight of that in what seems like our pointed quest to be divided. We’ve got more in common than we think.

P.S. I know this is so, so much more complicated than my 250 words on the subject, but then sometimes I also think, is it?


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