requesting audiences and new perspectives.

Morning chickens!

We’ve been fairly busy over here in our corner of the world, and I hope everyone else is enjoying (or did enjoy) a nice break with friends and family.

My baby sister and her husband were here, which meant, among other things, good food, card games, a resurgence of the Palluzzi children’s obsession with Super Mario, and lots of snuggles with Boo.

Boo seems a bit shell shocked that he’s spending the week with just me, and not in a good way.

He’s come to expect an audience.

Luckily, we’re not quite done celebrating yet, and we head to Michigan on Saturday where he can hang with more of his adoring fans.

Anything to keep T well behaved.

My sister and I also spent some quality time organizing my life, which means that Theo’s room looks more like a baby room and less like a storage center.

It also means that we capsuled my closet, which is now something that I’m pretty much obsessed with.

I threw out or stored almost everything I owned, and it felt amazing.

37 pieces of clothing, a brand new life.

On top of that, I’ve managed to exercise almost every day this break (including running outside FOUR times, which you guys, is hard in winter), and also ponied up my fine at the library, which means I can start reading books and stop reading ridiculous, dramatic Facebook groups.

I’m ready for you 2015. Can’t wait to meet you.

Keep it easy, chickadees!


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2 responses to “requesting audiences and new perspectives.

  1. YOU CAPSULED? I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT, I am obsessed with spreading the capsule gospel.

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