ready for my next trip.

Happy New Year, chickadees!

It’s currently 7:15 am, and my baby is just starting to wake up (admittedly, in my bed, but you know, whatever), and so I’d say we’re off to a good start for 2015.

*cue Boo crying from the bedroom*

Whew, just a little baby nightmare (morning-mare?).


Obviously 2014 was a big one for me. Theo came along and shook up our easy little lives and made them cuter, more complicated, more exhausted, and infinitely better.


Also JW officially received his piece of paper saying he finished his MBA (and turned 30), I got an upgrade to a larger cube (and turned 30…first), my baby sister got married, my mom started full time at her new gig, my brother got a motorcycle, and my dad ate chicken two days in a row.

He probably did some other good stuff too, like host a wedding and keep us all in line, but the chicken one is important.

This was a big year for us, and sometimes it was hard and sometimes it was awesome, but overall, I am very, very grateful for this last trip around the sun.

And I admit, while I want to be the kind of person who is too cool for resolutions, the truth is that I’ve never been too cool for anything, and also, I do best with a timeline and a list of priorities, so this is really just right up my alley.

Here’s what I got. It is, as I annoyingly say at work, “a living document,” which basically just means I reserve the right to get better, worse, or change my mind at any time.

Because I resolve to be human.

Or something like that.

1. I’d like to put the screens down and away more in 2015. I love technology, and my devices, and texting my bffs before 8:00 am and memorizing Facebook but I think it’s pretty much an addiction at this point and it would maybe be better to look at people’s faces instead.This is probably the toughest one I’ve got (which means my life is way too easy).

2. I need to get back on the healthy eating/lots of fitness bandwagon. I was great until I went back to work, and you know, life took over and I had a needy newborn, but the times, they are a changin’. Boo is almost a year old, and I’m not pregnant or nursing for the first time in like 20 months, which means I can’t eat 15,000 calories a day without consequence. It also means that JW and I can both feed the little guy with ease, which means I can work out without feeling like I’m starving anyone. I’ve already started running again, and I’d like to sign up for a spring race, get back to my yoga grind, and eat more kale and less chips. You know, just like everybody else in the world.

3. I would like to do more for other people. Having a baby has made me weirdly emotional in the sense that I look at how much love Boo has and feel so sad that not everyone gets to be born into that. He just got lucky, and lots of people don’t get so lucky. I’d like to focus outside my little sphere of love this year. There’s plenty to go around.

4. In an attempt to fill up all the time I should be freeing up without staring into my iMachines all the time, I’d like to read more. This will be easy, because I cleared up my name at the library, and I love reading. I’m starting the year with Under the Banner of Heaven and I’m taking all the suggestions.

5. 2015 is the year of returning to the vacation. Even if it’s not far or not long, we’re done with family weddings for awhile, which means we can take Boo somewhere where he can build sandcastles and swim and we can look at him and exclaim about how smart and cute and amazing he is.

Also we can recharge our batteries and hang out together.

Since I like the number five, I’ll stop it there, but I’ve obviously got lots of thoughts on what else I’d like to do to round out this next 365 (4) days. What’s on your docket, chicks? And thanks for being a part of 2014- I can’t wait to see what this new year holds.

It’s always something.

Keep it easy, chickens.


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