bonus features.

This weekend was not a holiday or a travel destination or a work trip for the first time in a very long time.

Sunday morning we bundled up Theo (it was thirty degrees out and we had a mild case of cabin fever), unfolded the stroller, and walked over to Tobin’s first (maybe second) soccer class.

It was a circle of two and three-year olds, with moms and dads hovering over them while a very nice, endlessly patient British coach explained games that taught the littles fundamentals of the game.

JW, T, and I were obviously the only spectators, because who shows up to toddler soccer?

I loved every second.

T’s mom is also generous enough to share her little guy with us, so I had a crack at being T’s adult, which basically meant chasing him around on a “hunt for dinosaurs” (read: soccer balls) for an hour.

And then, during a water break, this happened:


Watching T hang with Boo is probably one of my favorite things about both T and Boo.

When I got lucky enough to pick up the S family, they were an amazing tribe of four. I couldn’t have asked for a better bonus leg of my family.

Then T showed up.

Then Boo showed up.

These are the things that make Mondays far more tolerable, chickadees.

Now excuse me while I pull Boo out from behind the trash can, where he’s rifling through baby wipes like a raccoon.

Keep it easy.


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