five good things: goodbyes and celebrations

Morning, chickens!

And a very happy Friday to everyone. In honor of the weekend, here are five.good.things.

1. We’re headed to a happy hour tonight to celebrate our friend KC. She’s off to bigger and better things in New York City, but before she goes, we must have several drinks, because really, how else do you send the youngest and most fun member of the group off?

2. Boo is going to be eleven months old tomorrow. It’s insane to me that this little guy is almost a year old. It feels impossible that he can be this old and also that he hasn’t even been with us for a year at the same time. Remember this?


3. It’s been above thirty degrees all week, which means I’ve been able to walk outside without wearing a ski mask and snow suit. In late January, this is essentially the same as beach weather, and I will be sad when it eventually ends. And it will. Because it’s winter in Chicago, and it’s nowhere near over.

4. I’m still on the running circuit, and I’ve neither broken anything or died of respiratory distress. This is a double win, as far as I’m concerned.

5. The weekend is stretched before us and aside from our celebration tonight, I don’t have one thing planned. Which means it’s essentially about to be the best weekend ever.

But first there’s a diaper I’d better change, before the fun can really begin.

Keep it easy chickadees, and enjoy this one!


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