an education on the subject

Morning, chickadees!

It’s a week of long meeting and working on slide presentations, which means less time to chat about what’s happening elsewhere.

Boo’s been alternating between playing up a storm and whining his head off, because he’s got another crop of teeth trying to make an appearance.

12 months ago, there was so little I knew about the terrors of teething.

Thank you Theo, for your education.

This weekend, in a fit of what I can only imagine was teeth-induced anger, he picked up a toy phone, yelled what sounded like “HI!!” and then threw the phone angrily into the other room.

I’m not a phone person either.

Since that incident, he’s taken to his books in an attempt to make sense of it all.

IMG_3826 (1)

Go, Dog, Go has a lot to offer on the subject of pain, suffering, and the growing of your incisors.

Other than that, we’re in the part of winter where Spring seems like it’s never going to come. Luckily (for me only, sorry rest-of-my-family), I’m headed to Florida for a couple days next week, which means quick snippets of sunshine between meetings.

I’ll take what I can get.

And with that, I’m off to bundle up and find out why Boo’s whining Mommmm? in the other room.

Keep it easy, chickens!


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