a new sheriff in town

Chickens, I’m in sunny, warm Orlando on a work trip, but since it’s with people I’m actually looking forward to seeing, it feels less like a work trip and more like a lucky chance to get out of the icy Midwest.

Let us not forget that ideally, I’d be presenting my portions of the meetings with Boo strapped to me in his Ergo, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Keeping him in one place for more than thirty seconds is a dream I’ve given up on.

Speaking of Boo, he’s back at home adjusting to the fact that two adorable, tiny twin three-month old girls have landed at daycare.

Up until this point, Theo has been the much adored and very spoiled baby of the land of daycare, and I only feel a little badly that I’m excited to see him knocked down a peg by the new arrivals.

Being pretty much the only child in my group of friends, Theo enjoys a lot of attention and a general ego boost every time he makes a move.

I think these babies might be the only thing that can save him (read: save JW and me) from a roommate who thinks he’s King of It All.

Stay tuned, chickadees. He’s still pretty adorable, so we might have an uphill battle ahead of us- but the toddlers may have found another couple sets of feet to kiss.

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