no respect and several perspectives.

Morning, chickens!

I could not get my act together yesterday, because I got home from Orlando, went to my mother’s house, slept for three hours, ate dinner, went home and fell asleep before 8:00 PM.

I then woke up ten hours later to my beautiful child crouching over my head, pulling my hair as hard as he could and glaring at me, and realized that unlike my sympathetic husband, my baby has zero respect for my hangover.

I will remind him of this when he’s in college.

The trip was warm, super productive, and a lot of fun, but I’m happy to sit tight in Chicago for a couple weeks before I jet off again.  I’m lucky to work with people who make me laugh and also push me to get things done, so really, I haven’t a complaint about my self-inflicted hangover after too good of a post meeting celebration.

Speaking of which, I have been meaning to dialogue with my small group of listeners about the subject of attitude in the workplace. A couple of weeks ago, likely because of the cold conditions and the harsh reality of the Office After the Holidays, I started to hear a lot of people complaining about work. I asked someone how they were one day, and their response was “I’m surviving.”

I have since decided that the only people allowed to say that as a response to how is work are either soldiers or coal mine workers.

I come to a warm, lit office every day where I sit in a chair and use my brain to put things on a screen. I chat with people who are either pleasant or not pleasant, but they don’t ever pose a threat to my life. I have nice people who I get to schedule many meetings with and use our collective thoughts to solve problems or come up with new ideas.

Now, obviously some days are rough and I get it: I am not always the most pleasant human in the office. But I think it might be good to have some perspective on our problems in comparison to the problems of the world at large.

After all, Spring is on its way.


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