five good things: one more circle edition

Happy Wednesday, chickens! Today is officially the last day of my 30th year, which is a little bit shocking, but I’m going to try and temper the shock with a list of five.good.things.

1. I get to turn 31 tomorrow with a full complement of Good Life Things under my belt tomorrow. I’ve got amazing, silly friends, a great husband, a beautiful baby boy, an awesome family, stable health, and Seriously, you guys, if things went south tomorrow, there still would be nothing I would have done differently. It’s a shame we can’t squeeze every last adventure into our one life, but without that choice available, I like to think I’ve learned from every time I’ve pointed and said “ok, that way next.”

2. Yesterday I ran at lunch. After a weekend of overindulging, I had a lot of concerns, but managed to finish this 38 minutes fast than last week’s attempt. I’m not feeling fast yet, but I am feeling strong, and I think that’s just as good. Also: I forgot my makeup, so I spent the rest of the afternoon looking a little bit crazy. Maybe not a good thing, but certainly a funny one.

3. Sam Hunt. You guys, I am obsessed with this country (ish?) singer, even though my very legit country fan boss seems skeptical. Luckily for me, I do not care about being legit, only about having something to play on repeat in between meetings.

4. This weekend I have birthday celebrations that include eating old school Italian food at Sabatino’s with my bffs. The last time we went there, we ended up back in my apartment so that we could do shots and laugh some more. I’m hoping to avoid the former, but I’m always up for the after party.

5. Last night we had “book club.” To reiterate what I’ve said in the past, we don’t actually read one book or talk about books at all, but we do drink wine, snack, swap gossip, talk about weddings, and wonder when spring’s gonna show up so we can hit the beach and beer gardens. We can read on our own time, anyway.

Enjoy this one, chickadees–I’ll be out there enjoying my last day of my first year of my newest decade.


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