where we started and where we end.

So even though I am barely Catholic or really anything these days, I didn’t eat meat yesterday and also made myself not eat snacks between meals because it was Ash Wednesday and that’s the thing to do. Actually, very strangely, Ash Wednesday has always been one of my favorite days of the year.

I did not get ashes, even though I love nothing more than sliding into a pew at Holy Name and blinking at all of the beautiful statues and stained glass windows and easing underneath rhythmic prayers and quiet music.

No matter how much I waver about what it is I believe and if I believe in anything specific at all, I do like the feeling of someone’s hand smudging my forehead and murmuring from dust you came and from dust you shall return.

We all start and end at the same place, chickadees. It’s the great equalizer and it certainly reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

I think it’s a good dose of wisdom, no matter what it is you do or don’t subscribe to on any given day or week or period of forty days and forty nights.

Let’s make the stretch of days between the beginning and the end count, chickens.


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