Been walking my mind to an easy time, my back turned towards the sun

Morning, chickadees!

And despite the fact that it’s the end of February and it’s been super cold and it’s only Tuesday, this is an exceptional day, chickens.

Boo’s a year old today!

This past 365 days have been the hardest, easiest, funniest, scariest, best, best, best days of all my days so far, because of Theo.

It’s astounding how much can change in a year, and in the past twelve months, Boo has gone from a tiny, sleepy little newborn into a stubborn, hilarious, joyful one-year old.

And so in honor of hitting the first year mark, I’ve compiled a list of the 12 things I’ve learned, feel like sharing, or want to make clear about Theo and our family this morning.

1. Being a mom does not mean you’re not a regular lady. I talked about this on my birthday,but it’s still true. I’m a mom, but I’m also still a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, and friend, and I still like and dislike all the same things. Even when I was tired and Boo was new, I tried to keep track of myself in all the mom-ness. I think one day it will be a good lesson to pass on: don’t lose yourself when you gain your family. Rinse and repeat.

2. Right when you’re completely sure that you are failing at everything and that your baby is more difficult than every other baby who has ever lived, he will smile. And it will make up for every hour of sleep deprivation so far (please note: 12 month old smiles after a night of no sleep might make you want to drop said 12 month old with a relative for six months- this is not the same thing)

3. Watching babies figure things out, like how to lift their heads, use their hands, or grab their feet is one of the best things ever. We take the simple stuff for granted you guys, but this gives you a new appreciation for it.

4. Babies give you permission to be silly, and thank God, because we have all grown far too serious around here. Theo loves nothing more than when you perch an action figure on your head and dance around, and honestly, JW and I think it’s pretty much the best too.

5. When I was growing up and my mother was not doing exactly what I wanted, I would complain. Loudly and a lot. My mother always looked at me and said I’m doing the best I can, and then I would go off and sulk. That line has become my silent mantra this year, and you know what? It’s all we can ask. Thanks, Mom, for that one.

6. My little baby is going to be amazing. Even though he’s only been around 12 months, I can already tell that he’s going to be kind, smart, courageous, and funny. So he’s going to be his Dad, basically. I’ve also noticed his stubborn streak, and my friends, that’s where his mother’s genes come in. Luckily, that’s a game I know. I’m onto you Boo, and no, you can’t swim in the toilet.

7. It is too hard to be stern all the time when babies do hysterical things they shouldn’t do, like look you in the eye and throw bananas over their heads. If you don’t crack a smile at least half the time, you’re doing better than me, so please, teach me your ways.

8. Gross stuff is no longer gross once you have a baby. For the sake of civility, I won’t go into that any further.

9. Don’t worry too much about whether or not you know what you’re doing. You probably don’t, but you also totally have this, you guys. All babies need is someone to love them, feed them, and keep them from launching off of high places (and you know, everything’s flexible). I have read zero books and have learned to just relax and go with it. My method is pretty much survival, and also, having some fun.

10. You don’t have to ditch all your friends if they don’t have kids. When I spent some time in online mom groups, I found that lots of women said they lost their friends because their priorities had shifted. I don’t have many friends with kids, and you know what? It’s awesome. They dote on Theo, they don’t know if what I’m doing is legitimate or not, they bring me wine and hang out in my condo, and they have none of their own kids to compare my little guy to. Also, when they do have kids, they will totally think I am wise even though I am not even a little.

11. Having a baby, if you have the right kind of partner, will make you love them even more. I know so many things about JW now that I didn’t before. For example, who knew my husband could do voices in children’s books so well (please, ask him about his “Beige crayon” impression) or that he was creative enough to come up with monikers for Boo such as “Mr. Wigglesworth.”  There’s no one I’d rather be with when we both realize we forgot to strap Theo into his carseat.

12. Theo is the best, you guys. He’s taught me pretty much everything I know about everything, and I don’t even remember what my life looks like without him. Babies make you feel all the feelings, and I can’t wait to see what comes up in the next 12 months with this little guy.

Happy birthday, Boo. Thanks for making our lives so much sweeter.




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2 responses to “Been walking my mind to an easy time, my back turned towards the sun

  1. Don’t forget your title of niece too:)
    I can only hope that Megan finds a husband that makes her feel like you do about John, and we won’t even start on the cutest baby ever with more faces than any other baby I’ve ever encountered!!
    Happy Birthday Theo xox

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