five.good.things: cross country edition

Morning, chickadees!

I am so very sorry for what turned into a week-long break in recounting my antics, but trust me; it wasn’t because I wasn’t up to any. In fact, since we last spoke I have been in Nashville, Chicago, Denver, and New York City, so instead of recapping everything I’ve been up to, I’m gonna do it five.good.things style, because it just seems like the better thing to do.

  1. When I was in Nashville celebrating MC’s impending marriage, we decided to try out skeet shooting, which was one of the most fun activities I’ve tried in a while. And while I was by no means some sort of expert (or even amateur) shooter, I did manage to hit a few clay discs, laugh with my pals, and meet an instructor named Ron who might be my spirit animal. He was able to provide me with such pieces of life advice as Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger, If it doesn’t work one way, you’ve gotta try another, and Don’t think about it too much, just do it. I love nothing more than combining sport and life lessons, chickens, so this was perfect.


  1. I’ve been traveling around with my boss, who aside from being a good person to work with, is also pretty much the most chill travel companion, which makes every work trip both productive and fun. I think having fun while you work makes everything else easier, so I’m glad I spent the last four days criss-crossing the country with someone who obliges my demands for neurotic flying habits and pizza dinners in between meetings.
  2. I was able to hit up NYC on this round of traveling, which just happens to be where some of my very favorite volunteers live. It’s always good to catch up with the kind of people who you met because of work but are so very glad your not-so-similar lives collided. Here’s to catch-up breakfasts, trading funny stories, and 8-year-olds on loan when you’re missing your own little guy.
  3. It’s already Friday, which means doubling down so I can catch up on e-mail and projects and then heading straight into what I’m fairly certain is going to be the best weekend ever, because I get to spend it at home.
  4. Always my very best thing: coming home to these two and not having to leave their sight for very long for the next 1.5 weeks. Man, you’re a lucky girl when you’ve always got these guys waiting for you on the other side.


Enjoy this one, chickens, and I promise to get back to it on the regular now that I’m Chicago-bound.


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  1. We can learn a lot about ourselves trap shooting! Have a wonderful and safe weekend – Take care!

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