warming up to it

This weekend was a delight, mainly because I finally made it home, and also because it involved weather mild enough to stroll in (even if the city of Chicago is melting and I’m mostly just trudging around in wet sneakers), impromptu-pesto making lessons with my two favorite teens (pesto tastes like summer, chickens, it’ll pull you right out of the winter blues), and going to Boo’s first parade (as fun as you’d think it would be).

The weather is warming up (I believe it, even if it’s impossible to believe), we’ve officially sprung ahead, and so after a week of eating things I shouldn’t, drinking too much wine, and moving through airports at the speed of Xanax (slow, in case you were wondering), I am so very ready for long walks in the park (even when they’re muddy), a bag full of new library books (just in browsing, I found this, this, and this), stretching back into yoga, and finishing up my streaming Netflix addictions (so.much.House.of.Cards, you guys) in time to get back outside into the light.

Winter was tough this year, and while I know that it is not quite over yet (I’m not silly enough to think we’re out of the woods), the weekend warm up was enough to remind me that summer’s just around the corner.

Things look so much better with a little light on them, chickadees. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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