flipping sides of the coin

Morning, chickens! We’ve hit the hump of the week and the weather is still remarkably warmer than it’s been in months (though likely, not quite as beautiful as it will be for my short trip to Orlando next week), so I’m happy to be sitting in the middle of this seven day stretch.

This morning I’m sharing an article that I read via Shutterbean (my favorite blog). It’s about working and motherhood, and while I didn’t relate to its every sentiment, I did feel like I connected with the author’s life arc from working non-mom to working mom. The basic story is that until the author was a mom herself, she wasn’t hot on the moms she encountered in the professional world. They lacked focus, ambition, and time.

When you’re not a mom, it’s easy to be judgmental, critical, and holier-than-thou toward women who are, because you have the time to do it in (spoiler alert: it’s still easy to be all those things when you are a mom, you’re just more tired).

In the past year and some change, I’ve learned that you can get more done in less time if you have to, it’s okay to say no, and there’s always another night for a happy hour (spoiler alert: happy hours are even better when you have to work a little to schedule them).

Anyway, read the article. It struck a few chords, and gave me something to think about–I think it will for you too, mom or not.


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