catching up in a run on sentence structure.

You guys, I’m sorry for my absence, but over here, we’ve been doing the following: walking everywhere, playing at parks, traveling to Orlando for work, getting much needed haircuts, starting new jobs (JW! JW! Gooo, JW!), and picking up feverish toddlers from daycare.

And watching basketball.

And binge finishing the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, which I am now obsessed with because I love laughing more than anything and this show makes me laugh. You should watch it. Maybe not in two days like JW and I did.

Also, finally getting Lena Dunham’s autobiography/memoir/whatever after having it on hold for three months from the library, and to be honest, not loving it.

I feel part old lady, because all of her “struggles” don’t seem like struggles, and she’s incredibly self-centered (for which I fault her even though I shouldn’t, because she’s super aware of it, at least), and I just don’t get what the young people are trying to say.

It’s not really her fault.

She also spends a good chunk of the book discussing her intense anxiety, and since I’m not really wired for anxiety in general (I realize this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with luck), I don’t think I’m seizing on that the way I’m supposed to either.

Anyway, if the upper middle class struggle or the above topic resonate with you, her writing is easy to read and she’s fairly funny, and the book moves fast.

A raving review, I know.

In any case, that’s what we’re up to in this neck of the woods, and I would promise you that I will be here on the regular going forward, but I am trying not to be a liar and the truth is I can’t promise anything.

Except that I’m having a good time.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!


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