another place, another time

Morning, chickadees!

I’m a little slow moving this morning, which would seem to be 100% the fault of the beautiful, warm weather that came through Chicago yesterday afternoon.

CJ and I decided to take advantage of the sun and hang out on the patio of Quartino after work, eating bread and cheese and drinking wine until all of a sudden it was very late and we had laughed through several bottles of wine and realized that it was, actually, only a Wednesday evening, and so maybe it was time for cabs.

This happens to us a lot, and we never seem to learn from our previous errors in judgment.

Which is one of the reasons CJ is one of my very best pals.

The two of us are on a bit of a farewell tour this month, and the only way to really wish someone well is to do it with drinks and funny stories.

Luckily, we have eight years of good times to reflect on and no short supply on watering holes, so we’re poised for a successful three weeks before she packs up and ships off to her next adventure.

This will not be the last you hear of the farewell tour, chickens.

Also lucky: Theo (because he is at one with his mama’s needs) has decided this is a let’s-listen-to-music-and-snuggle morning instead of a please-chase-me-around-for-a-half-hour morning.

And with that, I’m off to slog through a few meetings and a couple tasks before packing up and heading out to Michigan for a weekend of relaxation and visiting.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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