five good things: the bandwidth edition

Morning, chickadees!

And my apologies for a quiet (on here, anyway) week. We’ve been having some sort of bizarre internet issues in which I can’t connect all six hundred of our devices to the wireless network at once.

Thus the radio silence.

Anyway, since it’s too hard to recap everything, I’ll just recap the good things, and then we don’t have to dwell on the fact that my Sperrys are covered in mud from rainy puddles and that this was the week Theo finally rolled off of our bed and smacked his face on the floor.

Forget you read any of that.

Onto the good things!

1. While I was forced to watch Duke win another national championship (not a good thing), I also had the pleasure of watching the UConn women win their 10th championship game and 3rd title in a row Tuesday night. I’ve been watching these ladies since the early 90s, because my uncle was a basketball coach and I believed that girls could do anything boys could do (better), and so my interests really wrapped up nicely into my basketball obsession. My uncle bought me tickets for Christmas once, and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. This game was the 20th anniversary of when the Lady Huskies went 35-0, and while that makes me feel pretty old, I also feel pretty proud that I’ve been into them so long.

2. Yesterday during the commute the rain was coming down in sheets, and I was obviously displeased because this meant crazy hair and wet shoes. I scooped up Theo, opened my umbrella, and stomped out of my house. Just as I was working up to my greatest level of scowl, I heard my crazy little baby start cackling. Apparently the sound of the rain on the umbrella was the funniest, coolest thing ever.

You guys, we pay attention to the wrong stuff.

3. Although the weather has been rainy, it feels like we’re on the precipice of a real warm up, and I cannot complain about that. We’re all ready for spring over here, chickens.

4. Last weekend my little family drove to Michigan for the weekend, where we spent tons of time hanging out with family, watching Sam and Theo play, and eating delicious meals. I took a long walk by the lake and all in all, it was really just the thing after a few very full and frenzied months.


5. My bff  JC sent this to me and while I have yet to actually comment to her how funny it is, I can definitely leave it here with you fine people.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it- and the weekend!


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