starting another loop.

Morning, chickens!

It’s gray out there this morning, and Boo slept in, which means he’s slightly cranky and a little confused.

I can relate.

This has translated to him crying by the door for ten minutes after JW left this morning, followed by him hiding my phone among his toys.

“Buh, bye!” he kept shouting.

I can decide if learning more words will make this better or worse.

Stay tuned.

This was a lovely weekend that started off with zero plans and ended up full to the brim with various errands, library trips (I had no book for five days, and it was damn near a tragedy. I visited my old library, which has less selection, but I came up with this, this, and this, all of which felt like a small miracle), celebratory brunches, chili cook-offs, and several trips to the park.

Also, wine and tacos, because it is most certainly the season in which I request tacos as often as possible. Last summer we ate so many tacos that at some point I declared it a shame that we didn’t have any other animal eating options, as I was becoming bored of the standard fish, steak, and chicken rotation.

Yes, I know that’s bizarre, and yes, it’s still how I feel.

Up today: sloshing through the rain with Boo, picking up Ravinia tickets because everyone should have a shot at seeing Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, and making it through Monday in one whole piece.

That’s plenty, if you ask me.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chicks!


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