early mornings and other things.

Morning, chickadees. It’s sunny out and the temperatures are climbing in the second city, and those are both things to be thankful for today.

Especially because JW and I have been up since before five, as it turns out that Theo’s approach to life is a firm the.early.babe.gets.the.worm mantra.

He’s got work to do, you guys, and it can’t wait for the sunrise, apparently.


I love these capes so much. They were a birthday gift to Boo from our pals V & J, and I’ve found that there is nothing like a toddler darting by you wearing a one of these things.

It almost makes it okay that I’ve been up for over two hours already.


Yesterday I managed to pick up lawn seats at Ravinia for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, because you better believe that I’m taking myself and my pals to see that crazy pairing of music. I am 100% sure that it is going to be amazing.

If you live in the Chicago area and you haven’t been to Ravinia, now is the time. It’s basically a giant park where you sit on blankets and in lawn chairs, eat delicious food, listen to amazing music, and best of all, truck in all the wine you can carry.

Essentially, it’s my favorite kind of activity.


Also yesterday, I decided to start a “plank challenge.” I’ve been running fairly routinely, but I decided that since I’ve been terrible about yoga and kettlebells and anything that’s not running really (and let’s be honest, I haven’t been amazing about that either), that some ab exercises would be a good idea because summer’s coming and I had a baby last year and I ate pretty much one hundred pounds of cookies this winter, so pretty much why not.

Plus my friend KB is doing it, and I’m a copycat.

Anyway, the first plank challenge was 20 seconds, which I essentially scoffed at. I am an athlete. I have done triathlons and half marathons and I am a yogi and I did bells until I was 40 weeks pregnant.

Turns out, that was in the past.

And so it doesn’t count towards the 20 seconds of hell that happened in my living room last night.

Which ended with me collapsing on the the rug in a heap.

The good news? If there’s anything I’m not, it’s a quitter, so we’re up again tonight.

I might have to adopt an “I can do anything for ten seconds” mantra courtesy of Kimmy Schmidt and get to it.

Enjoy this one, chickadees- I have to go convince Boo that vision insurance paperwork isn’t the kind of light morning reading he should be doing.


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