musings from halfway through it

Several things this morning, chickens. In no particular order.

1. I love the Skimm. I used to think it was an embarrassing way to get the news because it was not serious enough, but I’m tired and can no longer look at the CNN or Huffington Post web layouts without my eyeballs hurting. As a former news junkie who then digressed to the point of getting news from elevator televisions (a low point, but guys, they still had the headlines), I find this to be a good compromise. Extra points because they explained a bunch of terrorist groups to me.

2. It’s confusing to explain what I actually do for work. Managing technology groups is never just a one sentence description, like “I’m a doctor,” or “I’m a lawyer” are. Yesterday though, I found the below video. One of my groups is a few thousand  professionals who manage unified communications technologies (phones, call centers, video communications, etc.), and I found this article/video about a new video call center technology and it also made me (almost cry):

So I work with people who try and figure out how to do things like that.

3. Because of time sucking meetings that actually left me with my head on my desk for part of the afternoon, my work out dreams were yanked out from under me at work yesterday, but somehow I convinced myself to go when I got home. My observations after a half hour jogging around a park: a) I am not the slowest person in North Center. b) I am probably the second slowest person in North Center. c) I’m cool with that, for now.

4. Theo is super into saying “bye bye” right now. This morning when JW got ready to leave, Boo grabbed his sweatshirt, started saying goodbye, and headed to the door. He was less than pleased to learn it wasn’t time to leave for daycare yet.


5. This morning I heard a yelping coming from Theo’s room. I was about to investigate when I heard JW making the same sound. After a couple of rounds of what sounded like a cross between a dog barking and yelling, I asked what was going on.

“We’re wolves.” JW shouted.

I had no comeback for that, but JW then explained that obviously we are a Wagenschutz Wolfpack of two. 

The yelping lasted the rest of the morning. I was not invited into the wolfpack, but I think I am mostly relieved.

6. I am watching The Jinx right now on HBOGo and you guys, this shit is cray. I love documentaries, and I love crazy shit, so it’s obviously a great pairing for me. Thanks to the sixteen people who told me to watch it before I listened and also I’m sorry I said Bob kind of just seemed like a nice old man to me at first, because obviously he is insane and I am now questioning my judgment skills.

And with that, I’m off for the day.

I’ve got half a wolfpack to get ready for his morning.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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