when your cup overflows

Morning, chickadees!

We had a full.to.the.brim weekend, which included a trip to Cincy for an amazing wedding (also: being in the middle of a giant conference full of Pure Romance seller, yikes; visiting a liquor store at 10:30 am in Kentucky because why not and also, bourbon; and eating Waffle House for the first time. Yes, this visit was influenced by an article in Bon Appetit, and yes, the hash browns were amazing.), a black tie gala after a night on the dance floor and a five hour drive, and a visit to the new brewery by my parents’ house (where the food is also amazing: Boo is especially into the fries).

I’m tired just thinking about the past 72 hours, but the good news is, they were super fun and in comparison, a Monday at the office is gonna be a cinch.

I’ll regret saying that.

Over the weekend also: between the driving and the random time that wasn’t filled with madness, I managed to polish off two of my library books, and I’m feeling like I’m on a roll.

In the Heart of the Sea was about the 1800s and Nantucket and the whaling industry and Adventure and Tragedy, and also was non-fiction, so I loved it. Also though, it was a shipwreck book, so I admit there was some murder and cannibalism that’s still leaving me unsettled, but overall, this one was solid.

Five Quarters of the Orange was about the German occupation in France and how it affects one village and town. I liked this book for three main reasons. 1. The German occupation in France never ceases to be interesting to me. 2. The mother character in the book was really into food, so cooking was woven into the rest of the crazy story. I wasn’t sure if i liked it or not until the end, and I’ve now decided I did. 3. The main character in this book is a feisty old lady who’s telling the story when she was an even feistier little girl, and man, that’s my favorite kind of protagonist.

And with that Boo and I are off to get this week’s party started. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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