picking up the pace.

Morning, chickens.

We moved the desk into the living room, making for an easier user experience, as every night after 7:30 it became unavailable as Boo had to go to bed.

A brillant idea.

Except that Theo now spends his mornings hanging off my leg, pleading for me to pick him up, which is super cute until I realize that all he really wants is to type (read: smash keys) on the computer.

And yet, I fall for it every time.

I’m a sucker, you guys.

This morning, I convinced him to try something different by handing him an old phone of JW’s that we found the charger for–great parenting.

However, I suspect he’s disappointed that it’s not an iPhone, judging from the fact that he’s now playing with his shoe instead.

Other items: we made it through Monday (mostly) alive, I’m still slogging through library books, and I started playing soccer again.

I am far too old to play soccer, as I actually moved out of the way during the second half of the game when someone was coming at me and I thought I really don’t want to break my glasses. Or my body.

I still loved it.

Welcome to your thirties, chickadees.

And with that, I’m off to consume the amount of coffee necessary for me to forget that I spent half the night on my couch while Boo spent half the night in my bed.

It is so key to his survival that he’s adorable.

Enjoy this one!


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