globe trotting.

Morning everyone!

I’m a little late this morning, but I’m running around today, finishing up work and getting ready for my trip across the world.

And downloading tons of Mad Men, books, and music to keep my anxiety at bay on the plane.

And yes, I counted all my Xanax- I should be good.

Among my “let’s get ready for a trip to Asia” activities is making a sauce for my boys to eat in my absence (with two pounds of the Wagenschutz men’s favorite macaroni- rotini), gathering up all of my chargers, packing snacks, and wondering if I can fit this guy into my suitcase:


Also, I took part in a frantic conversation this morning with my bffs about how we would keep in touch while I was international, and luckily, we have all now downloaded WhatsApp so that we can chat over wifi.

I decided that instead of trying to get a global plan for four days, I would just seize the opportunity to become a little less dependent on my device (but who am I kidding because I can still message and FaceTime on wifi and who even calls people, anyway?) while I’m in the desert.

In addition, I waited too long to ask IT about an international phone, so really I’m just late to the game and trying to turn it into a learning experience.

Nothing wrong with that, chickadees.

And now I’m off to finish up a day full of calls, picking up Boo, grilling in the delightful warmth that Chicago’s currently experiencing, and downloading everything I own to my iPad and hoping it adds up to 26 hours, which is how long I’ll be in flight over the next week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, and stay tuned to my debrief from the desert!


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