days in the desert.

Just a quick one, since I’m starting to feel the jet lag, and oh yeah, there’s work to be done in Dubai.

The good news is, I survived the 13 hour flight and didn’t even have to bother VB once by summoning him to help me through a panic attack.

A huge achievement, if you ask me.

Probably a huge relief, if you ask him.

Our event isn’t actually until tomorrow, so today I spent the first part of the day sunning myself (it’s super hot here, but also, there’s a great pool) and then grabbed lunch, saw an aquarium modeled after Atlantis, and now am relaxing until our next meeting.

Well, I was relaxing until a bird popped from the balcony into my room and I had to reason with it to get out.

It’s hot bird, I get it.

Still, you don’t belong.


Dubai so far (to be fair, “so far” is only like 20 hours, and I haven’t really been beyond this giant resort) is kind of like Vegas + Disneyworld + something else that I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s clean, it’s rich, it’s beautiful, but people don’t really talk to me when I’m with my boss (I get it, culturally different) and so it feels a little less friendly than my average day.

But you can’t beat the view.

dubai in the morning

And with that, I’m off to attempt to make it through the rest of my day in one piece. Enjoy this Monday, chickens!


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