Forehead to the floor

So, as I previously mentioned, I’m back into the yoga practice.

Or trying to be.

I promise not to make this a blog about yoga. I’ve been reading some archives, and every time I get obsessed with some kind of fitness kick (which is basically always), everyone gets dragged along for the ride.

A potentially boring ride, I see now.

Anyway, I will mention this new foray because obviously I do not have the luxury of all the time in the world this yoga go-around, which means I can get to class on the weekends, and then to my mat in the midst of toys and books at home a couple nights a week.

My how things have changed, chickens.

So I’ve been trying to squeeze in these 15-20 minutes practices during Theo’s bath, but last night I heard him proclaim “All done!” way before I was ready to get into Savasana (otherwise known as lay on your back and pretend it’s nap time).

Since half the reason I’m back into yoga is to get back into a go with the flow mentality, I decided to roll with it, and when Boo came out, saw me, and demanded I take off his pajamas (I don’t know, you guys, maybe footie pajamas aren’t good for your downward dog?), I let it happen.

Then he pulled out his yoga mat (yes, he has a yoga mat. When I had him, my yoga studio sent it, which was amazing and adorable), and started mimicking me.

JW started taking pictures.

It was yoga with a crowd.

While there are over 20 photos of this hysterical practice, this is the only one I can show you because I don’t need the world to see what I look like in happy baby pose.

This is more for you than for me.


What we didn’t get a picture of was my favorite part, where the yoga instructor places her hands in prayer, says Namaste and bows, and Theo touched his head to the mat.

Yoga’s about more than flexibility and breathing, it turns out. It’s about appreciating what you’ve got, and what I’ve got, my friends, is pretty cute.

Enjoy this one!



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  1. Christine Phelan

    Absolutely adorable!

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