giving in and giving up

So I know yesterday I wrote about maybe not worrying too much about giving something up, and I still believe that, but I also thought about it a little bit and decided that I have a clear contender for something that it’s about time I worked on eliminating.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am strangely attached to my phone, really for no reason at all. I’m pretty much obsessed with scrolling through the Internet, looking at really nothing of importance, and so this Lent, while I can’t ditch the little screen all together, I’m going to work on cutting down. Here are my self-imposed rules:

  1. When I get home from work, the phone goes down until Boo does. Facebook drama can wait, I’m pretty sure. So can adorable Instagram posts. I trialed this the other night, and it meant I could get in on a game on Farm before bed.
  2. No phone when I’m with my pals. I mean, if I’m with my pals, who am I even talking to? My circle is not that wide, trust me.
  3. I can check my e-mail before I get to work one time. Not sixteen. Who am I, the President?

I’m open for suggestions (and I’m sure JW has some additional ones). Listen, technology is the best. It means I can text my friends across the country whenever I want and play games like fruit ninja, so I fully understand its importance, but I’m hoping a quick break in the action means a permanent ramp down in the screen action.

Wish me luck, chickadees, this will likely be my undoing.


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One response to “giving in and giving up

  1. Christine Phelan

    I think you are in the right track….and I wish you luck! I am also giving up some of my obsession with technology for Lent. I announced publicly that I would be giving up FB for the next 40 days. When our friend John asked last night, at our first of the ‘season’ fish fry, if I was really going to do it….. I confessed that I might just. Heck in on Sunday’s, (because as we all know, they do not count as Lent). But I would not post or share. All I can say is, thank goodness your and Phoebe Holmes’ blog come to me through email… 😘💕 C.

    Sent from my iPad


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