soapboxes and playing nice(r)

I would like to climb on my soapbox for a second and say a few things that have been building up.

You don’t have to agree with me, which is great. It’s the whole point of this beautiful country.

So a few things, in the thick of primary season.

Full disclosure, I’m the kind of liberal who’s socially liberal, and fiscally liberal. I’m all the liberal, but I also don’t think you’re foolish if you’re not (unless it’s the socially liberal piece you have a problem with, that’s harder for me, and I admit it).

  1. I kind of feel badly for Jeb Bush. He reminds me of Prince John in the cartoon version of Robin Hood, like he’s probably sucking his thumb somewhere wishing he was his brother.
  2. If I hear one more person talking about how so-and-so is purposely trying to ruin America, I’m gonna lose it. Nobody’s trying to do that. Everyone has opinions about how to make America the best it can be. I don’t agree with everyone’s opinions, at all (Don’t let Muslims into the country? Insane, to me.), but I cannot believe that anyone is really, on-purpose, trying to make us worse. This seems like common sense to me, but maybe it’s just me.
  3. If you run around calling people who disagree with you losers and stupid in public, you shouldn’t get to be President. Are we 11? I just think that should be a rule. Some people like this, because they think we’ve gotten too politically correct, but to me, being politically correct does not mean you don’t get to be honest, it just means, don’t be a dick, friends. You don’t get to say racist things and then claim that people are too sensitive. You’re being a dick, Donald Trump.
  4. Ted Cruz is scarier to me than Donald Trump. It’s just my own truth. I think it’s because I get the sneaking suspicion that Donald Trump doesn’t believe everything he says (also, I heard you Donald, talking about how you think Planned Parenthood does great things) and I think Ted Cruz really does. Yikes, Yikes, Yikes. Also, anyone who sees Barack Obama as an extreme leftist isn’t doing his research.
  5. I’m not going to pretend that I’m really ever going to be an undecided voter, but here are my thoughts. I absolutely cannot vote for a candidate who thinks gay people don’t deserve equal rights or that abortion should be illegal. I can’t do it. I have kids, and one day, if one of them comes to me and says “Hey Mom, I think I’m gay,” I want them to know I supported them before they were even born. I don’t want to have to rationalize to myself or anyone else as to why I voted how I did. And the same on abortion- I’m not saying I would have an abortion (although, to be perfectly honest, I have the huge luxury of never, ever, having had to have been in the position to worry about it, and that has nothing to do with any moral decisions I’ve ever made. It’s luck), but man if it’s none of my business how many guns you have, then it’s none of your business what’s going on inside my body. GTFO, you guys. Not to mention I think there are 100 other things (contraceptives, health care, a better welfare system) that we could work on that would actually lower the abortion rate (win all around) without dictating what women are allowed to do with their bodies.
  6. I am not moving to another country, even if the Grimace from McDonald’s becomes the President. For some reason this proposed solution drives me crazy, because it’s not problem solving to me. People who I don’t like have won elections before–it happens. Here’s the deal. It’s my country and it’s our democratic process, and if you really think our country is so great (and in so many ways, it is), then you don’t leave because you lose. You continue to fight for the things you think are important. If people really did this, we’d have half the population emigrating every few years, and what a mess that would be.

You guys, I think so many more things but that’s all I have for now. I am not hateful toward people who disagree with me, and I don’t think that my position is the obvious one and yours is dumb if it doesn’t jive with mine. I think in America it takes all kinds and all positions and that’s what makes us great (please recall, I named my first born son after a Republican, after all), but I also think we need to wake up as human citizens of the world and not give in to the easy play to be divisive and angry and hateful. I just think we’re all better than that.

<climbs off of soapbox>

Oh, wait, one more thing.

Please, dear God, just vote, okay? Otherwise none of this even matters.



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