lessons from the little one.

Ahh, you guys, today is Boo’s 2nd birthday.

I’m not sure he really cares, but I do, and plus, he can just ignore this since he can’t read.

Everybody thinks their kid is the best (well, most of the time. Last week, when Theo’s daycare let me know that he had been pushing down other kids and “trying to ride them like horses,” I thought…hmmm,  is it too late to drop him at the firehouse? I’m kidding, sort of.), and so obviously I’m biased, but Boo is funny and smart and so cute that sometimes I just find myself kind of staring at him while he eats snacks because man, JW and I made that amazing little kid.

It’s things that are absolutely every day in nature that I find the most fascinating.

Last year I wrote this post about my feelings on my baby, and my life since my baby, and I think it’s still pretty much all true.

I’m timeless, in that way.


I think every day that Boo becomes more of a little person and not just a baby, I become more convinced that it’s important that I try and convince him that JW and I are both actual people too.

And we’re all just doing our best. Which means we make mistakes at least once a day and we watch too much TV sometimes, and we maybe each french fries for dinner when we feel like having french fries for dinner because life is short, you guys. You’re not going to mess them up. Plus, we’re all a little messed up, so who cares if you do?

It’s easy to be tough on ourselves whether you’ve got kids, or you don’t have kids and you want them, or you don’t have kids and you don’t want them, if you work or you don’t work…the list goes on. There’s so much to beat yourself up about just by being a human, and for some reason, on Theo’s birthday, I’m reminded that I did this:


And so all of it kind of washes away.

However, in an effort to make this maybe just not all about me (so tempting, no matter how many children I bring into this world), please let me give you a select few life lessons I’ve learned from my first baby:

1.Independence is important. Obviously Mommy can take off my coat, but you’re missing the point. Me do. 

2. Being silly is stress relieving. People resist it, but what is more fun than dancing around the living room and cackling at yourself? Give in, everybody.

3. Kissing boo boos really makes them all better.

4. Daddy is a hero. Also, our servant.

5. Hand holding cannot be over done.

6. French fries are the answer to life’s problems you guys, and don’t let’s forget it.

And with that, chickadees, I’m off to celebrate the toddler’s second year of life.

I hope I’ve got enough cookies for this one.



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  1. karlita k

    happy happy birthday little man!!!

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